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Greetings and welcome to the world of Mythical Enchantment. I am the creator of this game and I would like to give you some background information on the game I created in 2000.

The game, Mythical Enchantment, was created in the summer of the year 2000. I was 17years old at the time and had gotten a taste of the gaming world. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the gaming sessions as often as I had wished and I was kicked out. Anyways that is when I decided I would have some fun and create my own game. I had no dice at that time and I wanted to create a game that was more player friendly. That's when I decided to include playing cards in with my game.

Mythical Enchantment is a game that takes place in the time of dragons, princesses, kings and queens. There are also other various races one can play. Angels, archangels, draconians, elves, and others. This game is still being editted as I work more and more on it. There are the basics being added and put up online.

Mythical Enchantment is a game I am hoping will be for everyone. I have ran trial games with people of various ages and even hard core gamers. The rules and understanding of the game are easy to understand for younger kids around 10 years old to people who are in their later 40's and perhaps even older. The game was created to be a way to allow someone to escape into the world of fantasy and become something they're not.

Please enjoy the page and any information, questions, or Requests needed can be sent to Queen Alexial

Name: Crystal McDonald.
Pen Name: C. Ariza.
About: I’m a 24 year old Mom, with a 3 year old daughter. I spend time working on stories and or art, when I am able to. If I am not inspired I listen to music, or play video Games.

Info On Milander.
Milander really was just a name for a country in a story I was working on, called “Sands of the Dead.” It’s not yet finished as I feel that it needs to have a few re writes, but it basically tells about the trials of one Serrath. Milander has since then grown, with history and an assortment of characters, including their own belief system revolving around the creations of Elves, Humans, and Dragons.

Currently I am working on finishing a rough draft story called “Hero’s for Hire” Which takes place around two or three hundred years after “Sands of the Dead.” In it we follow the journey of several people, and their friends on a quest to stop a Sorceress named Lerona, and to save the last of a race of Sirens who have been infected with a magical virus that will kill them all within thirty days.

Milanders Landscape:
Milander is a small country with a town that goes by the same name. It is populated by humans, elves and a few other creatures yet to be outlined in the stories. The lifestyle is rustic, and not very modern. They do a lot of traveling by foot, and or wagons. There is a central Church built by the humans, to worship the Absolute god, and his “helpers.” These helpers being demi gods, who often partake in mortal events in the hopes of helping these mortals realize their true worth in the world.

Near a Cliff called “Warrior’s Point” is a cave that leads downwards and splits off into four directions leading to the resting places of the four Elemental Dragons. Volcanis, Levitha, Airel, and Woodra. The Dragons of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. It is these dragons who delegate which of their young will make suitable fighters, workers, or companions to small children and who will take their place when they die.

The Hatchery:
The Hatchery is where the eggs of the two female Dragons, Levitha, and Airel are kept after they have mated. Here they are attended by Akoro Tamala, and his family. Think of them as family friends to all four dragons, as well as day care providers. This enables Serrath, Akoro, and two other companions of the other dragons to do nightly patrols of the country side to make certain that nothing is amiss.
The characters placed upon this site are © copyright to their creators. The images themselves (unless specified) are ones I've found from around the net. the game Mythical enchantment itself was created by me in the year 2000/2001.

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